Corporate structure: Functions and Forms

Widerker Investment Management GmbH

The Widerker Investment Management GmbH (WIM) is the executive entity of the Group, in charge of the management of all its direct and indirect assets.  Furthermore, it governs all new principal real estate investments and development activities of the Group.

Widerker Vermögensverwaltung GmbH & Co. KG

Widerker Vermögensverwaltung GmbH & Co. KG (WVV) is the central real estate holding company of the Group, both for assets already under management and for new acquisitions and developments.

Widerker Asset Management GmbH

The Widerker Asset Management GmbH (WAM) provides asset management services to joint venture partnerships in which the Widerker Group holds a minority stake. WAM acts as local operating partner, provides deal sourcing, underwriting, and due diligence support.

bc Boden Commercial Immobilien GmbH

Boden Commercial Immobilien GmbH (BC) is a traditional property management firm, providing rent collection, service charge management, and technical procurement services, mainly to WVV but also to a limited number of third-party real estate owners. At the end of 2013, BC had a staff of 8 employees and generated annual revenues in excess of 1.040.000,00 €.

Universal Gebäudemanagement und Dienstleistungen GmbH

Universal Gebäudemanagement und Dienstleistungen GmbH (Universal) is a facilities management enterprise, providing a variety of building related services such as technical repair and maintenance, janitorial and security services, professional cleaning, gardening and landscaping, and more. Universal, at the end of 2013, generated revenues in excess of 12.982.000,00 € and employed a staff of approximately 600 employees.

Widerker Beverages GmbH

The Widerker Beverages GmbH is the only non-real-estate-related business of the Widerker Group. The main focus of Widerker Beverages is on the development, manufacture and distribution of exotic fruit drinks.


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